TPS Zone 9

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Aug 15, 2006
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There's been a bunch of confusion as to channel names with the TPS Zone 9 channels. Here is how they are, after they did their last re-program a year and a bit ago;

91-GUEST - TG 048
92-PRPS - TG 065 (On the Peel System)
93-YRPS - TG 027 (On the York System)
94-HPS - TG 013 (On the Hamilton System)
95-JES-1 - TG 075
96-JES-2 - TG 607
97-JES-3 - TG 609
98-JES-4 - TG 60B
99-WCITY - 862.9375/110.9
9A-ECITY - 861.7375/110.9
9B-AIR 1 - 859.9125/CSQ
9C-AIR 2 - 866.8625/123.0
9D-AIR 3 - 867.8625/110.9
9E - 861.0000/67.0 (No label, other than 9E)
9F-LFGD - 861.1875/110.9

They've also made some changes to the "A" zone of simplex channels. The new ones are;

A1-ETFS1 - 857.2125/110.9
A2-ETFS2 - 857.4625/110.9
A3-SIMP1 - 857.4875/110.9
A4-CRTS1 - 857.4375/110.9
A5-CRTS2 - 857.1875/110.9
A6-CRTS3 - 857.2375/110.9
A7-ICALL - 866.0125/CSQ
A8-ITAC1 - 866.5125/CSQ
A9-ITAC2 - 867.0125/CSQ
AA-ITAC3 - 867.5125/CSQ
AB-ITAC4 - 868.0125/CSQ

I had submitted all these to the database awhile back, but it never went anywhere.

So, if someone who has access to edit the database can update can delete all the old "9" and "A" channels and put these in.


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Jun 26, 2001
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I had submitted all these to the database awhile back, but it never went anywhere.

Did you bother to look?

I just checked and they all appear to be there with the exception of 9E.

The trunked information could use a little better organization to put the talkgroups into a Zone 9. Right now the JES channels are showing up under EMS. I'll see if I can organize things a little better.

Next time you don't see something added to the database that you've submitted (within a reasonable timeframe), then just PM me. Waiting all this time after you've submitted the information makes me think that you just didn't bother to look.
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