Traffic heard Summer 2019, Mineral County?

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Jan 4, 2006
San Fernando Valley, LA County
Last summer we vacationed in Mammoth Lakes, CA and from our rental house were able to hear traffic on what was listed as "Bridgeport FPD" 154.385. However, this traffic was P25, and definitely LE-related. The only location I could understand was a for a call in "Mina". This would correspond to Mineral County, but the frequency is not listed for their SO, and the database shows only analog for that County. Further, its not listed in the RR database, but the FCC records show it being a P25 freq for Nye County's trunked system, with a site near Mina ("Pilot Peak", not to be confused with the other Pilot Peak near Elko).

But why would they respond to a call in Mina? The NAC was 455 per the PSR600.

It was a mystery to me. FWIW, the signal was quite strong, with the antenna on the east side of the condo.
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