Tram 1470


Dec 10, 2001
Lake Charles, LA
Looking to purchase a TRAM 1470 for 700/800mhz. It will mounted in the attic at about 30ft from the Ground. Attic is very large and opened area. Will be using LMR400. In the past I purchased an N connector mount and made my own ground plane with the rods cut to 700/800 mhz and worked very well (probably better than any other antenna I have purchased and used in the past). I looking for something that is better made as the one I built is really not that durable.

I will be using an Antenex mount with a rod cut to height. I am currently using this on a magnet mount which also performs very well and using it in a room until I get something in the attic.

After seeing the Tram 1470, I thought maybe it would work well using my current Antenex Mount. Any experience with this one or any suggestions on something similar that would perform well.