Transceiver controlled by USB, with audio reception and transmission?

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Mar 9, 2012
Orlando, FL
Hello, all, from a newbie!

I have a question I'm wondering if some bright soul might be able to answer; I'm wondering if there is a Transceiver out there that can not only be controlled by a computer via USB, but one that also allows reception of the audio stream through the computer as well as transmission of audio FROM the computer.

In my searches, I found the Icom PCR1500, a receiver which allows you to control the device from the PC, and also allows you to receive the audio stream to the computer... but I was hoping to find a device out there that would let me process audio input from the PC and transmit it out through the USB connection to the transceiver as well...

What would be REALLY cool would be something akin to a "transceiver on a card" that fit into your PC in a PCI slot (or even an external device connected via USB), but basically, really, anything with the above-described functionality would be great.

If anyone out there has any tips or pointers/leads, I'd love to hear them... thanks for your help!
Not open for further replies.