Trenton/MPS Communications Site 1


Mar 30, 2015
I have just begun monitoring the Trenton/MPS Communications NEXEDGE system.

I am not having any success monitoring the Site 1 463.24375 control channel listed in the database. I’ve also tried all of the other frequencies listed at that site without success.

I can monitor Site 2 perfectly, and found Site 3 which is not listed in the database with a control channel of 461.91875.

Sites 2 and 3 both show Site 1 in DSD+ as a neighbor with the control channel noted above.

Can anyone that monitors this system regularly shed some insight into Site 1? It seems like it’s off the air or the site is using different frequencies. Unless it’s very low power, I would expect to be able to monitor it from my location.


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Feb 22, 2007
Bristol, Pa.
I just saw your post now I don't know how I missed it. I guess you can tell by my username that before it went encrypted I did listen to the nxdn Trenton system regularly. I'm a retired newspaper guy from Trenton. Since it went encrypted I don't listen anymore. Fire is available but it's a much smarter idea just to listen to the rebroadcast on 460.575 pl 103.5.

The system has been active for 5 years in the clear and we used to use DSD on laptops mounted in our cars. I got the upgrade on my sds100 but didn't bother on my SDS 200. I also have it on my 436 and 536. Waste of money. They always said if it became readily available to hear they would throw the switch and it was and they did. I also listened on a TRX 1 but it didn't work with many missed Transmissions as it doesn't trunk track on nxdn.

So I'm listening to it now with the rooftop and sure enough Hoffman Avenue is banging in with five bars but State Street is silent. They have just made some changes I guess and being that they're encrypted for me it's a moot point. If I wanted to listen to the fire department I would do it on the UHF rebroadcast so I really can't help you here other than confirm the State Street site it's probably using another control Channel or they moved some frequencies around. Good luck!