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Dec 19, 2000
Park Hills, MO
Well, took a trip to Oak Grove,La via MO -32 to I-55 @ Ste Genevieve County MO, From there (thourgh NE Arkanas and Southwest Tn) to Jackson MS on I-55. From there on I-20 to Delhi (Richland Parish), La.

Overall had a great trip. I was get some files. But due to antenna issue. I could figure it when the asbence of a signal was do to a legith a loss of signal or due to fact of a problem with the antenna.

So hope next when I get through the area on the route to either Oak Grove,La or on to Bogalusa, La Via
I-55 then either on US 098 to Foxworth,Ms then on MS 35 and La Hwy 21 or La Hwy 10 then La Hwy 21 S to the location of arrival.

I still need help with North MS along I-55 (Especially Panola County another MS County that uses any DMR related system(s)).

In fact with the route along I-55 from Ste Genevieve to the State line Mississippi and Louisiana.

I have the audio files and my current UID listing for MSWIN system.

Ok thanks

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