TRL-SDR is starting to fail.

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Jun 2, 2019
Greetings. I have been running TRL-SDR with no issues until just recently. more like 2 days ago. I heard 3 explosions in my area. sounded like about 10-15 miles away. I was listening to the feed when it just stopped. I went to the PC where it was running. and all the Freeqs were offline, and it was scanning for some live feed. think it was a malfunction. i restarted the app... it just hung at that point. I then deleted all the huge log files. nothing. I then went from fastlane 2.3 to 2. same.. then the original Fast lane. that worked. but only got distorted broadcasts. thinking maybe its corruption. I restored from backup. now it was running, but no sound was being broadcast. i noticed the DSD+ p25 VC channel activity was not working. rebooted my PC, even shut it down. nothing.

needless to say. I brought it back up and just let it run. It apparently corrected its self but. most of the broadcasts are distorted still lagging, and other strange issues.
not sure if this is a problem with the PC im using or the dongles possibly going bad. only had them for 6 months. and i love this thing.

my Specs:
windows 10 intel i7 - 7700 16 Gigs of Ram.
only Apps running DSD+ Fastlane 2.3 and radio feed.
internet used ATT Fiber 1 GB up/down no issues seen. have 12 PC's all connected. and PC with DSD+ is showing 990 up 780 down average.

im planning on moving it to a 2.6 ghz intel i5 with 8 GB ram. slower Box, but its not being used for anything at this time. so i will use this for my dedicated feed.

does anyone have the minimum requirements to run fastlane? without issues?
Not open for further replies.