Trouble with the radio push buttons...

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Apr 4, 2010
South Central PA
I don't know what the deal is; does anyone else have these issues? I had a Sangean (forget the model) a year or so ago & one of the little membrane buttons stayed halfway depressed after I had it for a few weeks.

I just recently purchased a new Grundig G6 (Buzz Aldrin) and only used it for a couple of days & now the AM button is staying depressed halfway. I guess the membrane pad underneath the buttons get stuck...

Do all these new radios suffer from this issue? It is really disappointing to have this occur on a brand new radio, only a couple days out of the box.

I also have a brand new Sony ICF-SW7600GR that I have been playing with just a bit recently, I am just waiting for one of these buttons to stick as well... :(

I do not have a habit of breaking things, & I do not have a heavy touch when using items...

Split the case on the radio & pop the button back out? Is that a fix that can be done by the do it yourself-er?

Any ideas/suggestions?
Not open for further replies.