Trunk Recorder Lockout Talkgroups... New Info


Dec 19, 2002
Since the original 2019 thread (Trunk Recorder Lockout Talkgroups?) is locked, I started this thread just to add a little new info on the same subject. My apologies if this is mentioned somewhere else, but I did not see it if it is.

I just started experimenting with Trunk Recorder a couple days ago, and like Lindsay, I wanted to be able to not record certain known talkgroups, but still record unknown talkgroups not in the "talkgroupsFile" so I could explore them. The answer in that thread was to make the "talkgroupsFile" priority higher than 98, which would not record those talkgroups. That answer does work, and using a priority of 99 does make for easily locating talkgroups that one wants locked out from recording, but I believe I tripped up in how the "talkgroupsFile" priority functions. Based on what I am seeing on the console as Trunk Recorder is running, is that the priority number is actually the number of recorders that must be available before recording will take place. So again, while 99 is a good number for not recording, it does not have to be that high. In short, when a known talkgroup is not recorded, the message, "Not recording talkgroup #####, priority is "A" but only "B" recorders are available" ("A" is the priority number and "B" is the number of recorders currently available). So in other words, if only 1 recorder is available at a given time, nothing with a priority higher than 1 will be recorded until at least that number of recorders become available. In my case, my "digitalRecorders" is set to 5 for both of the dongles that I am running, so anything with a priority of 6 or higher will never be recorded.

Again, my apologies if this was already posted elsewhere and I missed it, but I felt it was good information in understand that aspect of Trunk Recorder.