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Trunker/Unitrunker output to webpage?

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Jan 30, 2002
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Would it be possible to have trunker, unitrunker or any of the other ports to run on a webpage live using some sort of java app?


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Jul 10, 2006
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Is that really trunker/unitrunker running? In any case, it's not actually output to a web page (it's a client/server distributed system via a private sockets-based protocol).

No doubt, that dude's got skilz. I'm in awe...

Setting-up Trunker or Unitrunker to output to a web page would be pretty cool. Maybe when Rick releases the source code to Unitrunker, that can be one of the "add on" projects. In fact, implementing the display in HMTL would pro'lly be more generically useful than writing a typical Windoze GUI program. You could use it locally OR remotely. Hmmmm...

Alternatively (as somebody suggested somplace) a cheesier but easier solution would be to optionally make Unitrunker output its info to a set of database tables, and slap the web pages up based on that. Let's the user control output formatting that way, etc...



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Dec 16, 2000
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As if Java isn't bloated as it is, think of the hog this would create.

I'm guessing you're thinking of a Java web interface similar to what WinVNC does?

My idea, as I posted on the trunked group, is to stream the data (not serial but OSW code) over the internet.

I don't think a real-time screen display of the Trunker display would be easy or truly effective. If you have the code you can do anything with it you normally could with a local data source.

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