Unitrunker Trunking Recorder & Uni-Trunker

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Dec 19, 2002
Milwaukee, Wi

I have making an attempt to change my radio feed on Broadcastify to the new "Broadcastify Calls" type feed. I have been having trouble getting going with Trunking Recorder (TR). I have a working knowledge of computers, but I am lost trying to get TR going. I have downloaded the latest version (3.0.3907.7430) as it appears like you can use it with the Uni-Trunker program. I have been running Uni-Trunker (Version on my large county P25 system via an older scanner with discriminator tap for some time now. I am interested in running TR with the Uni-Trunker. My operating system is Windows 10. Here are a few questions that I have that might help me:

- I have the above versions of Uni-Trunker & TR, as well as a discriminator tapped older radio. What other items do I need to get up and running

- Do I need a second version of Uni-Trunker or a second scanner to run in order to use it with TR?

- How do we upload the talkgroups for the recorder to actually record? I already have the listing downloaded from RadioReference in a CVS file. I was able to create the "Favorite Group" on TR, but I can't seem to figure out how to upload talkgroups.

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