Trunking Systems - New Ones ID'd

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AZ DB Administrator
Database Admin
Dec 19, 2002
SE of Tucson, AZ
Hello All,

On my trip to Phoenix yesterday, I brought the laptop and scanner, hoping to find some new trunk systems to ID. I've already submitted the information for inclusion on the Arizona Trunk systems. Unfortunately, I was not able to ID the TG's that I heard, as my PRO-2006 is more sensitive than my trunk radios in picking these systems up. I do have TG's for the systems if anyone up there in Maricopa Co is interested.

I also discovered that we have an EDACS Narrowband system here in Arizona. I was surprised and thought it was just another one of those signals that we'll never know anything about. I discovered because I use the Unitrunker software. For those of you into hunting out trunking systems, this is a low-cost way to go. And, it works great !
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