TrunkPCR version 0.90.283 Now Available

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Dec 27, 2002
San Diego, CA
TrunkPCR version 0.90.283 Now Available for Downloading from the NEW Homepage:

NOTE: Moto Type-I Support *should* be finished in the next major update.

This update has Four Fixes, Seven Additions and One Change...

Mar 15,2012 - Fixed: OverFlow Error in COM Routines.
Mar 25,2012 - Fixed: Controlling a PCR-100, PCR-1000 & PCR-1500 in Dual Receiver.
Mar 26,2012 - Added: Monitor CTS in Main COM Port Selector.
Mar 26,2012 - Added: Ignore CTS/Monitor CTS in Dual COM Port Selector.
Apr 25,2012 - Added: 26 More Trunk Banks [a] to [z] to help organize your Trunk Groups.
Apr 25,2012 - -----: Main GUI and BandScope Height Increased.
Apr 26,2012 - Added: Hold Active Group Button in CCA's Control Tab.
Apr 27,2012 - Added: Block Digital Calls for EDACS in Trunk Settings.
Apr 27,2012 - Fixed: Squelch Indicator Works Propperly Now in Trunking.
Apr 28,2012 - Added: Temporary LockOut of Groups. When You Click the L/Out Button,
You can Press these Keys in Combination for a Different Period.
(SHIFT) 1 Minute.
(CTRL) 2 Minutes
(ALT) 5 Minutes
Apr 28,2012 - Added: Text Color of the TrunkBank (TB) Column in CCA's Control Tab Now indicates
if a Group is Locked Out.
Apr 29,2012 - Fixed: Glitch when Squelch Opens, but Doesn't Resume Trunking.
Version 0.90.283 Released 04/29/2012

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