TRX-1 An Opinion

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Feb 24, 2001
This is not an exhaustive technical review of the TRX-1. My experience is purely anecdotal and intended for those seeking an honest opinion about the device (of which there are many on this forum already).

I currently own a 1040 and a 325p2, both of which are excellent scanners. I like Uniden products as well as Whistler products and would not consider myself wedded to either manufacturer in a fan-boyish type of way.

The TRX-1 is excellent in my opinion. Side by side with my 325p2 monitoring the Connecticut State Police from my location the Whistler branded scanner "hears" more when listening to the H&W and L Site simultaneously. Both scanners had a RS800 affixed to them when I was examining their behavior as well as their respective stock ducks.(obviously not simultaneously)

The 325 is not far behind in performance mind you, but where the TRX would hold on to conversations allowing me to hear both sides on a regular basis the Uniden would not despite having a similar signal strength.

Performance alongside the 1040 yields similar results. Again, neither the 1040 or 325 are bad in my opinion (i bought them and like them) but the TRX has an easier time following complete conversations, without digital hiccups / decoding problems, loss of signal that the other two occasionally exhibit.

All of this is anecdotal and intended to convey that I am really impressed with the TRX-1.

I like being able to edit things on the fly, I like the alpha-numeric keys, I like being able to toggle sites on and off like Uniden, I like the overly rugged case and the overall look of the device.
Not open for further replies.