TRX-1 -conventional frequency won't enter properly


Mar 2, 2004
Dash Point, WA
I am trying to monitor some of the local longshore activity in my area. I've attempted to enter the frequency of 462.4375 in my TRX-1 via both EZ-Scan and by manually doing so via the radio itself. In either case the radio stores the frequency as 462.436875. The proper frequency (462.4375) is properly stored on the EZ-Scan file on the computer but that "object" is somehow altered when the radio tunes to that channel when scanning or is checked by manually tuning. Is there a "General" or "Advanced" setting in the software that might store the programmed channel with some parameter that might change the frequency to adhere to a particular bandplan? If so, how might it be resolved? Interestingly, the same channel is properly stored on my WS-1080. I am wondering if there is a firmware setting on the TRX-1 vs 1080 or some other "hidden" issue that might explain the problem. Might the choice of FM vs FM-N cause the problem? I have tried changing that setting from one to the other but the 462.436875 continues to appear on the TRX-1 no matter how I program it (EZ-Scan vs manual) or Mode setting. Very frustrating!