TRX-1 Loss of sensitivity

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Dec 19, 2002
Tompkinsville, KY
I don't know if there is any help for our TRX-1 or not. Here lately it seemed that its not as sensitive as it was. Comparing to the other TRX-1 that we have it doesn't
receive as well. The 800 band sees to work well. I can pick up a 800 mhz trunk about 30 miles away and on the hill tops here 40 plus miles. The loss seems to be in the 150 and 400 mhz range. Here is the test I ran. I took both scanners set them side by side and put the wx freq of 162.400 on them both. To make the test fair I used the same antenna for both ( the included stock antenna ). The good scanner picked up the wx at full scale and quiet. When I put the same ant on the bad scanner on 162.4
I only get 2 bars and quite a bit of white noise. Both scanners have the same configuration file in them. Is there some thing in the scanner that needs adjusting. I'm thinking all the settings are in the software not hardware. So I'm thinking of sending it back and have it checked. It's a little over a year old. If it wasn't for our local public service being in the 150 and 400 bands i wouldn't worry about it. Any ideas.
Thanks in advance
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