TRX-1 referenced in a James Patterson Novel

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May 7, 2020
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Was recently informed by a customer that the TRX-1 scanner was referenced in a new James Patterson novel "The 20th Victim".
I have not read the book to know if there were additional references however i did a quick search online and found this.

Chapter 1

Cindy Thomas was tuned in to her police scanner as she drove through the Friday-morning rush to her job at the San Francisco Chronicle.

For the last fifteen minutes there'd been nothing but routine calls back and forth between dispatch and patrol cars. Then something happened.

The Whistler TRX-1 scanner went crazy with static and cross talk. It was as though a main switch had been thrown wide open. Codes in the four hundreds jammed the channel. She knew them all: 406, officer needs emergency help; 408, send ambulance; 410, requested assistance responding.

Cindy was an investigative journalist, top dog on the crime beat. Her assistance was definitely not requested, but she was responding anyway. Tips didn't get hotter than ones that came right off the scanner.

The location of the reported shooting was a Taco King on Duboce Avenue. Cindy took a right off Otis Street and headed toward the Duboce Triangle, near the center of San Francisco between the Mission, the Castro, and the Lower Haight.

With the sirens from the patrol cars ahead and the ambulance wailing and honking from behind, she sure didn't need the street number. She pulled over to the side of the road, and once the emergency medical bus had passed her, she drafted behind it, pedal to the floor and never mind the speed limit.

The ambulance braked at the entrance to the Taco King at the intersection of Duboce Avenue and Guerrero Street. Cruisers had blocked off three lanes of the four-lane street, and uniformed officers were already detouring traffic. People were running away from the scene, screaming, terrified.

Cindy left her Honda at the curb and jogged a half block, reaching the Taco King in time to see two paramedics loading a stretcher into the back of the bus. She tried to get the attention of one of them, but he elbowed her out of his way.


Mar 23, 2013
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It's refreshing to see one if nothing else referenced by model #. I come across mentions of scanners by the various authors I like and sometimes I want to slap them. They're almost always completely off the mark, stuff that you could find out in 2 minutes with a Google search but they just include the misinformation anyway. One of them, I won't mention a name, made reference to using a scanner to monitor cellphone traffic in a story he wrote in 2016. I can't find a facepalm in the emojis or I'd use it here.
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