TRX Work-arounds

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Dec 19, 2002
Joplin Mo
All of us have at one time or another thought "there should be a better way." Some of us have figured out a way to do something that wasn't "built in" but you could kinda/sorta make it work thru a work-around.

My thought is to use this thread for Whistler TRX work-arounds.

Here is my first one:
I like to add most if not all sites to a multi-site state system, so when I drive around a state I don't have to keep changing V-Scan lists. (I live near the corner of 4 states!!)
But often the control channel is re-used 2 or 3 counties over. For example, in the Oklahoma Wireless Interop Network the nearby Miami OK cc is re-used in Lexington, site 7 and Okmulgee, site 13. I delete site 7 & 13 from the site list and re-name "Miami <Ottawa>" as it is pulled in from the RR Library to be "Miami,7,13" - that way the most frequent name is first, and the other 2 site #'s show when I am traveling. This gets rid of the name of a FAR-OFF site showing when you are local, and drops several sites from the list, speeding things up.

Who else ha a good work-around?
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