TRX1 screen protector! came with one?

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Apr 24, 2014
Long Island, NY
So today I decided I could no longer deal with the scratches all over the face of my screen, it was getting so bad I couldn't see some of the screen at some angles during the day. The screen is bad enough without the scratches. So ok, I'll cut a cell phone screen protector as I read some of you have done on here and install that to keep it from getting any worse.

Low and behold, as I'm carefully slicing the screen protector to size on top of the scanner, I notice the edges of the screen under it a starting to come up. I thought I was cutting thru the plastic screen, DANG! But then I notice it looks like a protective cover is already in the screen. So I pull that off complete and now I have a perfect unscratched screen. I installed my new cover anyway, to try and keep it this way, but, I had no idea there was a cover on it already??? Did anybody else ever notice this? Or am I the last one to figure this out? I should mention, I did remove a "protective cover" that came on the unit when it was out of the box, it had the red tab on it to pull it off. So I assume your not supposed to pull the below off like I did.??

AND, can we buy these "factory" protective covers from whistler?

What I'm really wondering is, maybe the plastic screen which I have now uncovered (removed the plastic thing pictured below) is much tougher, and won't scratch so easily??

In the pic, you can see what I pulled off, and you ca see my new one just covering the top, not the kbd area.


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