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Trying to understand Baltimore City PD & FD Towers/Call Signs


May 28, 2018
I've had some trouble picking up Baltimore City PD & FD in certain areas and I'm hoping someone might be able to help me understand the Baltimore City trunked system. There are two separate call signs for the one site, WPYR413 and WQAA330. Does anyone know if PD & FD talkgroups use all 9 antenna towers from both call signs, or just just one (which I would assume is WPYR413 based on the registration info etc) ?

Any insight to this and the Baltimore City system in general would be helpful!


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Jun 23, 2004
What radio are you using? The Baltimore City radio system uses technology that makes it difficult to receive reliably without a radio specifically designed for P25 LSM systems. The system is simulcast, which means all sites are used to transmit and receive, and it is not uncommon for larger systems to use multiple licenses. The symptom you describe is typical when not using an SDS or Unication radio that are designed for these systems.
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