TRX-2: Tune Mode system I.D. #

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Apr 3, 2011
I have learned how to use Tune Mode on the TRX 2, was not a difficult process, and I'm glad it exists. The difficulty arises in getting certain information to display on a control channel hit, I.E., system i.d. #, repeater #, w.a.c.n., or % of signal strength on the frequency. All appeared on the Pro 197. I can receive the N.A.C. and the radio i.d. when voice modulation appears. If only the control channel sound is present on a given frequency, no information appears. I would quickly rule out a weak, distant signal, as I am stopping on well known (to me), close control channels that appear with ease on my 197 at the same time.

Under Global settings I have only chosen SHOW VC/CC, and SHOW SITE NAME (which doesn't apply to this). I have to think that I have missed a setting on the Global Settings, but I can't see it.. I need to know if the TRX 2 is capable of displaying system i.d.#, repeater #, w.a.c.n. or % of signal strength, in a TUNE SEARCH mode. Thank you for your help. Also, I would add I reviewed the first 11 posts on the Whistler thread search for 'Tune Search', until they veered of into non related topics.
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