Tuolumne County CA - misc info


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Apr 19, 2005
comparing various data sources we find -

Sonora DPW is now licensed for a repeater on 155.715 R with an input of 158.775 - KNNR381

Sonora has mobiles on 154.10 - unknown use

Tuolumne County has a repeater on 153.785 R with input of 158.955 - WPVR895 - unknown use

Tuolumne County has mobiles on 155.595 on license WPVN483 - unknown use

Tuolumne County Roads seems to have gone from 3 repeater sites to 6 repeater sites on WNBE281 - 156.165 R - 159.075 input

Tuolumne County Fire Command shows as 151.13 R with 158.6925 as input on the MACS 441 and the RRDB - the RRDB also shows 155.49 BM as Tuolumne County Fire Tac - but WQIE574 shows 151.13 R with 155.49 as input - so something got changed around somewhere apparently

Tuolumne County also shows a repeater on 158.97 R with possible input of 154.86 - plus 153.98 as base and mobile - on WPVY656 - unknown use

Tuolumne County also shows repeaters on 159.51 R and 159.63 R on WPQI666 - 159.63 R is in the RRDB but 159.51 R is not - no use shown for either repeater

Plenty of radio mysterys here for Sherlock and or Holmes