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Turks and Caicos (Providenciales)


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Dec 27, 2001
Chadds Ford, PA
Family vacation last week so I brought a Homepatrol to search and record. No issues bringing a receiver to this UK law island.

From our location on Grace Bay I observed the following.
Their main LMR freq's are in the 148-162 and 450-470 band.

All Emergency services have switched to a country wide Tetra TRS. Local CC's to me were 163.000,163.800, 163.950. The current conv. freq's in the database are used as voice channels.

There is also a Tetra business LMR in the 148 band with 4 active channels.
No other digital modes were heard.

Most of the oceanside resorts use UHF Rpt and Splx. Some activity in the 151,154 and 158 bands. Their bandplan also allocates what are USCG freq's to private LMR systems above 157.025

The maritime frequencies are busy with chatter between charter boats. Nome normal port ops stuff also. "Provo Radio" announces itself of 156.800 every hour. Maritime enforcement is the same people as land. I saw a couple fast boats and 1 smaller higher endurance craft.

Overall about half of the comms were in english.

On the Aviation side you are under the main N/S route. The Miami center freq's out of the Grand Turk site were busy but no base station was heard. AIRINC's 130.7 ground station could be heard generally passing HF freq's to N-S traffic. 5598, 6628, 6586, 5520, 8825 nights.

KPLS airport has a couple of daily traffic surges of commercial flights. Pleanty of biz size charters and privates also.
If you want to dig deeper here's their version of the FCC : Spectrum License - The Turks and Caicos Telecommuincations Commission

Spend your time staring at the clear water, not a radio or phone.