Turnpike and Parkway NJSP Comms and Rebanding

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Dec 19, 2002
Southern New Jersey Shore
I no longer reside in NJ but visit many the state often during the year and monitor the NJSP on my 396XT. I followed the now-locked rebanding thread which basically said nothing needed to be changed in the scanner programming to continue to monitor the system. Over the past few months I found I had no problem monitoring the Troop B talkgroups as well as aviation and marine. However, this weekend I was in the Bergen-Essex area and noticed the GSP and TPK talkgroups were silent. They had been received fine during my summer shore trips. (The talkgroups were not locked out.)When I locked on the control channel those talkgroup ID's did show up so I knew there was activity. I fortunately had my netbook with Butel ARC-XT software and I downloaded the NJSP system north simulcast site from Radioreference and loaded it into the scanner. The toll road talkgroups immediately became active. The only difference I see between the newly downloaded and old systems on the scanner is that my original NJSP system showed a mot bandplan of "800/900 standard" while the newly downloaded NJSP system mot bandplan shows "custom". My problem is solved but I thought the information might help someone who runs into the same issue.

Mark S
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