Twin City EMS - Erie County


Database Admin
Feb 7, 2011
Rochester, NY
Here is what we know about Twin City today:

460.550 1RAN has been in the Erie County DB for some time along with 463.1625 5RAN in the Niagara County DB.
A submission was received that 463.1625 4RAN was an additional frequency for Twin City with no explanation of how it was used. This required further details to be added to the RRDB since it possibly conflicted with exiting listings so the submitter was requested to provide further details. Submission was rejected for no response.

I contacted a source in Erie County that had knowledge of Twin City operations. This resulted in a submission that Niagara County 463.1625 5RAN had been Twin City Lockport dispatch but this had been discontinued. It was confirmed by monitoring that 463.1625 4RAN was now being used for Twin City dispatch for calls in both Erie and Niagara County and 460.550 was currently unused.

So 463.1625 4RAN was listed in both the Erie and Niagara RRDB as Twin City dispatch. 460.550 was tentatively marked Deprecated. This week the source provided a new submission that dispatch had moved back to 460.550 so the status was changed from Deprecated back to EMS Dispatch. The 463.1625 4RAN listing remains as Dispatch pending confirmation of future use.

RRDB submissions must contain sufficient details about the nature of the operation to provide for an accurate RRDB listing. A simple statement that an agency was heard on a frequency is not sufficient to create a description and a "Tag" with the nature of the operation. If the agency is already listed we need to know how the reported use affects existing listings. If requests for clarification are not responded to, the submission is rejected.

The listings will be updated if further submissions with details of the specific use of the frequencies, confirmed by monitoring, are provided.