Two Airspy units on one Surface Pro 3?

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Dec 19, 2002
Hagerstown, MD
I'm considering purchasing a Surface Pro 3 and two Airspy R2 units in order to do DMR decoding/mapping out in the field. My goal is to remove the need to have a separate scanner to track the voice channels corresponding to the control channel data.

I'm not really sold completely on the need for an Airspy R2 vs Airspy Mini, but I'm just thinking that there would be a greater chance of heat issues with a USB hub, as well as potential shielding issues, by using the Airspy Mini units.

Has anyone tried using two Airspy units of any type with a Surface Pro 3, or any Surface Pro for that matter? I hate to spend all that money without having a better idea of whether it's actually going to work without conflicts. My regular setup will be DSDPlus Fastlane with FMP24 running two instances of each, one for control and the other for voice.

Technically speaking, it's not a huge deal if it isn't fast enough to properly decode all the voice traffic in real-time, as I'm more interested in mapping out LCN for larger networks than identifying all of the talkgroups right now. Thanks for any help on this topic.
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