Two Way Radio Giveaway!

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Feb 4, 2014
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Hi Guys,
I was tidying up my room and had some radios that I do not need anymore. Here is a list of the radios.

Motorola HT1000: FCC ID AZ489FT4780. 450-512, goes down to about 440 for HAM frequencies. DN model so will do narrowbanding. Was a 2 channel, converted to 16 by hexing the codeplug. Read radio first then modify contents to keep 16 channels. I replaced the case but did not secure the programming port down. Programs no problem. Comes with a brand new battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs, Ni-MH. Charged once with battery conditioner charger for full charge. To program out of frequency, hold down Shift while entering frequencies. Might need tuning and or alignment for best performance.

Tekk Pro-20: FCC ID GOX3R8PCI-150A, Blue DOT frequency, 154.57000. Meets MURS specifications. Radio manufactured in 1991, 2 watts, grandfathered in. It is crystal controlled. Someone with knowledge might be able to change frequencies by changing out the crystal. Comes with Ni-Cad battery.

Vertex Standard VX-210AV: FCC ID K66VX-210V. VHF from 148 to about 175. Does not power on. I do not know what is wrong with it. Radio Only.

Headzone PT4200 (Rebranded Kirisun PT4200): FCC ID Q5EPT420001. 420-470. Does 4 watts. HAM and commercial frequencies. Comes with 2 chargers and 2 Lithium ion batteries. One battery is losing capacity.

I also have a Wouxun battery and charger and battery case for KG-UVD1P and the likes. Belt clips and some antennas are included.

I also have an SDR dongle in the package. This is great for monitoring frequencies from your PC. I recommend SDR# and some plugins to go with it. Great to use with DSD+. Monitor P25, P25 Phase II, NXDN, MotoTrbo and DMR, and D-STAR. for software and other recommendations.

All I ask is compensation for shipping if you get picked. If in Stockton, will meet person at public location for handover, lets say in front of Hammer Ranch Post Office for free. Sorry Moderators if I posted in the wrong section. Wanted to give these radios to someone in our neck of the woods. Will randomly pick a user name from the people who respond to this post. Respond to this post by 12:00pm on 3/31/2017. Good Luck!


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Please combat the OP directly.

We normally don't allow Buy, Trade and Sell in the Forums but since these are free, I'll allow this one.
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