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Sep 6, 2006
Texarkana, Arkansas
TwoToneDetect alerts are arriving late and happening with most carriers or not arriving at all. It has nothing to do with TwoToneDetect The best way to resolve the issue is to get Verizon EMAG . Contact your Verizon government salesperson to get started and it is free for public safety departments and dispatch centers (think CAD). I did mine several years ago and do not remember the exact steps.

The way it works: Detect tones. Send e-mail to EMAG. EMAG sends text via 10 digit number to other 10 digit numbers.

1] Contact Verizon government salesperson.
---Go to NASPO and find the latest salesperson.
---The current Verizon URL for NASPO contact is NASPO Contract | Verizon Enterprise Solutions . Go to the end of page.
2] Create account.
3] Get pilot phone.
4] Have training session. They didn't let me login until this was completed.
5] Create users and groups.
---find groupnumber at the top right of the group page.
6] "Text only e-mails" to (i.e. with "Add hyperlink to message body" enabled (v71c).
---you must have an SMTP sever with static IP and custom domain name (unless it has been changed).
------I think having a "shared hosting" provider with their server as static IP and not being on blacklist will be okay... not positive.
7] Setup TwoToneDetect with e-mail configuration of static IP SMTP server.

Also, see Sending Messages for Public Safety and Emergency Management .
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