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Tytera TYT 9800D Plus - Failure to connect to repeaters


Jan 23, 2023
WA0CBW, I genuinely appreciate the help offered on this board. And thanks for everyone's time. Recapping what is going on:

I bought the radio on Amazon last week. I also purchased a diamond quadband antenna and I tested with a 2/440 mag mount (just on 2m)

The problem seems to be that the radio does not transmit CTCSS tones with voice when pressing down on the PTT key. When I release the key it seems to at that point send the tone.

In experimentation, I found that the radio functions correctly on only one side (dual band) when using only low power. Mid1, Mid2, and High do not work.

I conducted the following tests:
  • I do know voice is transmitting because I can hear myself on the reverse (repeater input) frequency.
  • I tested with multiple repeaters. I verified the repeater details on Repeater Book. I also use these repeaters daily and know them well.
  • I used my other radios to verify that I am getting to the repeaters. So I know with certainty that the repeater settings I have are correct.
  • Testing the TYT I used my kenwood handheld to listen. To avoid overpowering, the kenwood was in a different location in the house.
  • I also asked others on the repeater to confirm if they could hear me or not.
  • I've changed bandwidth settings to see if switching from wide to narrow did anything.
  • I made sure I had ENC set to use CTCSS encode.
  • I used different antennas that are confirmed to work on other radios. (I don't have an SWR meter or antenna analyzer. But I confirmed functionality with other radios).
  • I have programmed the radio using the software from TYT.
  • I also tried programming by hand
  • I've tried factory resetting the radio and programming by hand.
  • I followed the programming instructions found here: TYT TH-9800 - Free Knowledge Base- The DUCK Project: information for everyone

ladn, I did not try checking the Compandering setting yet. I did not change it from whatever factory was though.