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UAL trunked talkgroups at DIA

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Sep 19, 2003
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Hi, I dont know if this multi question should go here concerning TGs, Moto trunking but leans toward a posting question. I have been monitoring the UAL trunk system at DIA for 7-yrs now and I know what TGs are used for the ramp, maint, terminal, security, Dobbs foods, and so on, based on the conversation herd. There aprox 40 TGs I think it would be close to verifiable according to its use unless it has to be a more specific (name) with the TG. Keep in mind that I dont know the (real) TG name that they have in their radio. Need your help, post some or what?? Amos
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Feb 29, 2004

We don't necessarily need talk group names (although we do like to get them!) - just solid descriptions as to what is going on with the talk group, much like you seem to already have (e.g. "terminal", "Dobbs Foods",etc.).

Vague descriptions like "guys talking about loading up a truck" are not very helpful, so we avoid those where possible and will probably not work them into the database until a solid description like "package unloading operations" can be secured.
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