UCAN Site 38 TG 43584?

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Silent Key
Jul 25, 2005
Kearns, Utah
On 1-19-2008, gldavis also reported activity on this TG and started a thread on it.
Not a lot of traffic on this one. I have heard it ID'ed as "City" and the users are part of the Utah Co SO North TalkGroup. Not sure yet which community.
In another thread, Junior1970 also mentions this TG on 1-20-2008.
In a related thread the TG 43584 is actually Elk Ridge Fire.
Then on 3-31-2008, bneilson mentions it yet again in his watch list.

I'm thinking that everyone thought that someone else would report it to the Db and no one did.

So, REPORTED 4-15-2008 to the Db.

We really need to get in the habit of doing a search before reporting unknown TGs and if we know what it is, get it in the Db right then.
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