UID not displaying in P25 Phase II on patch talkgroup

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Sep 6, 2019

I am monitoring a P25 phase II trunk system (SERAM, site 1) but I am having issues with unit IDs:
FD dispatchers use patch talkgroups to combine multiple talkgroups together (the patch name is REGROUPEMENT and patched talkgroups are COMMANDEMENT).
In phase I, unit IDs show up just fine on scanners but radios/scanners struggle to show them in phase II (I am having this issue on a Uniden 436HP and on a Unication G4).

I did some research and phase II UID show up on the CC only (not before voice traffic on channels), but non-patched talkgroups UID are being decoded normally even in phase II.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

PS: this is not a simulcast issue.
PPS: Uniden 436HP show some of the UIDs but not the Unication G4.
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