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Jan 24, 2004
The best source for general UK frequency information is:

ukscangroup yahoo mailing list - more use for historical purposes as it is virtually dead in 2017:
Yahoo Groups

For military airband frequencies:
Free resources don't last long before their owners try to make money from it and then close their sites.

Wireless Telegraphy Register. Official source for commercial licences. This tends to lag behind the actual issue of and changes to commercial licences.
Spectrum use | Ofcom Spectrum Information System

September 2017 - Ofcom have broken their own web site yet again and this has removed the licence search page. The underlying data is still there and by manipulation of a saved link you can still search - messy but might help, see the following for the format

Transmission1 - some geographic areas are covered quite well.

UK Radio Scanning Forum - Difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff and suffers from trolls and pointless re-posts of other websites.
UK Radio Scanning Forum

UK scanning groups tend to be far less active than US ones.
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