ULS Web API bugs & Geosearch??

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Jun 29, 2013
Hello all,

I have a question about the ULS web search interface and Geosearch. Occasionally I've noticed that the "Geosearch" function of the ULS Web API seems to return incorrect query results which omit valid data. Has anyone else noticed this? Here is an example:

A while back I was searching ULS for active licenses associated with 155.5725 in the State of Colorado (I now know the relevant call sign to be WQJW319, at the time of my query I didn't know this). Using Geosearch I selected the State of Colorado as the filter and got no results. I was able to find WQJW319 by filtering the "Licensee State", but the user of WQJW319 (Rampart Search & Rescue) has numerous radio sites in Colorado so Geosearch SHOULD have returned WQJW319 as well.

Recently I constructed my own database of ULS data with the master ULS data files and my own Postgresql database. For testing purposes I ran my own SQL query for "155.5725" filtered by "Location State" via the "Location" table, and I got the expected records associated with WQJW319. As best I can tell my SQL query was substantially identical to the query that Geosearch purports to be executing.

Does anyone know what might be going on with the Geosearch Web API? In my experience Geosearch is usually a more useful filter than "Licensee state", namely because the "licensee state" often includes numerous useless results. However, the above example suggests the Web API for Geosearch is somehow flawed...?
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