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UMESC system

Jun 20, 2007
Anne Arundel County, MD
The Upper Maryland Eastern Shore system is still online. However after monitoring for hours I am deducing that everything has pretty much moved off of it to FiRST or elsewhere.

I didn't run anything on it to see if it is still being used for digital messaging or something.

Anybody know why it is still operational?

Is it used as a backup system or something?

Any activity on it at all?

SDS100&200/536/436/WS1095/996p2/996xt/325p2/396xt/psr800/396t/HP-1/HP-2 & others


Premium Subscriber
Mar 3, 2007
Talbot Co, MD
Talbot is planning to keep it alive as a backup system. There were plans to upgrade it to full P25 and use it for paging, but that may have been supervised by the move to include paging on FiRST.

Last I heard, Caroline fire sirens and some other non-public safety agencies had yet to transition off.