unable to access forums site from the UK via Virgin Media

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Dec 16, 2010
HI All,

As it says in the title, I'm having to post here on my lunch break (sorry bosses) as I cant get to the forums from my UK ISP (virginmedia.com)

The TLS "hello" frames go through but acks just stop about 230 frames in

somedays I can get to the site but get a blank screen
Most often I get the scanner master banner add , but no more - until it times out - then I see a flash of the forum content before an on screen "not responding" error.

This affects Android / linux / windows 7 -10 / IOS no dice trying with firefox / IE / chome / flashfox / opera

Ive escalated the problem to my ISP , but grateful if an admin can check the access logs for 62.255.x.x - particularly as Ive been testing over the last 48 hours with my ISP

is there anything server side that could be tripping this up ? I know my NTP is 100% so its not a daft date versus cert related issue .



Not open for further replies.