Undercover officer catches one of Denver's most wanted

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Oct 28, 2004
Denver, CO - USA
LAKEWOOD - The 24-year-old man Denver Police dubbed a one-man 'crime wave' has been arrested.

An undercover Lakewood Police officer helped catch Daniel Duran Thursday night.

The officer was in O'Kane Park in Lakewood at around 8 p.m., when he saw Duran.
He recognized him as someone Denver Police were looking for, called for backup, and Duran was taken into custody at gunpoint.
Police say Duran is a suspect in at least five crimes. Three were armed robberies at two different 7-11 stores. Additionally, on March 18, police say he shot a man outside a Carl's Jr. restaurant. A few days later, police say he drove by a car with uniformed police officers inside and opened fire.

According to police, they put Duran's photos on posters and asked the media for help because Duran was so violent.
"We pulled out all the stops to get him in custody because we felt that he was already violent and somebody like that, you don't know where he's

gonna stop. He already tried to kill one man, when does he stop?" Sonny Jackson with the Denver Police Department said.
Duran's mother, Anita, came to her son's defense. "He's not dangerous. They don't know him. It's a mistake in identity. He's not dangerous at all," she said. "Daniel is a very, very good kid and yes, he's had some problems, but what teenager doesn't?" she said. "He's innocent and we will prove it."

Police say Duran, who is also known as "Pooter," has a four page criminal record.
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