Uniden 396xt display

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Dec 28, 2011
I actually notice quite a difference with the new freescan updated platform. The thing I still can not grasp is the system numbers. I have systems assigned to startup keys such that when I turn on the scanner, I activate it by starting the key configured. However, on the display screen I see the system displayed with the frequency or units then there are two lines on the bottom of the display the first is S0: 123456789 . then GRP: 1234567890. No matter what I do I can not get the S0 to change to any other system. So I currently have ten systems assigned under S0 in key configuration 1 then another ten systems under key configuration 2 so on. I have assigned these keys by assigning under startup icon. Can anyone tell me if this is the only way or the correct way to program this scanner or if there is a better way more convienant?


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Feb 6, 2004
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The S0.... are quck keys that are associated with systems and the GRP0. . . are group quick keys associated with systems.

Separate and distinct from System Quick Keys and Group Quick Keys are Start-up keys.

"Systems and Sites whose Startup Key matches the one you press are unlocked and systems and sites whose Startup Key do not match are locked out. Systems and Sites whose startup key are assigned “.” are
not affected (if they were locked or unlocked before, their lockout status does not change).

"Quick keys for the matching systems and sites are also enabled."

You might Google "396XT Complete Reference Guide". That's an in-depth reference for the 396XT published by Uniden and is very informative. The quoted information comes from that document.

System Quick Keys and Group Quick Keys are set via your programming software or through the keypad programming. The Start Up Key merely determines whether these quick keys are enabled.
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