Uniden 436 and MTA in Maine

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Mar 22, 2008
Hi All,

Last weekend I purchased a new 436 and the performance of this radio here in Androscoggin County, Me is super. I went with the PowerEx 2700 mAh batteries and the MHC 6000 WizardOne digital charger which is excellent to power the unit. This is my first post and coming from an 895XLT and a beloved Bearcat 780. At the same time, I am starting over as I programmed both previous radios by hand.

For the time being, an Auburn, Me zip is yielding great listening results, but I work for the Maine Turnpike and you have to dig for their extensive radio freq. list and it apparently does not load with all the others automatically. Did I miss something in RR or does this info need to be relocated in the DB so it loads with say Auburn Fire? We have lots of radio frequencies as well. For a couple weeks I would like to read the book and learn to use the radio before programming with Sentinel and making a mess. How do I get the MTA frequencies for work into the radio using just the zip so we don't screw up what is working great? This is the only thing missing.

Not sure if this is posted in the correct area and appreciate all those who helped me make this purchase based on many informative posts.

Not open for further replies.