Uniden 436 what I like so Far

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Feb 24, 2001
Still learning how to use the Software and slowly getting the way I want it.

1st Picked it up at the store and got it running in my Car within 5 minutes. Had several Zip-codes handy as I was Driving Home. Worked great next to my partial programmed 396xt.

2nd Recording feature, Love it. 1st Time using it local PD had a Home intruder shot himself and I did not realize the scope till later and I was able to listen to it and get full Picture.

3rd Holding on System and Departments. Love it Love it. If there is something going on with local or next City PD and SO and Highway Patrol involved I do need several Scanners to listen to it. (Yes I still need and want several Scanners :) ) It;s so much easier to scan through a smaller circle around me.

I have one Fav list with Stuff just around me.
2nd one the entire county.
3rd one if I travel to an other County.
And finally use the Full Database elsewhere with Zip-code for now.
Not open for further replies.