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Uniden AT002 cheapo window antenna?

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Apr 29, 2006
I'm getting ready for a trip and I want to keep an eye out for Ponch and John. I was going to use my BCT-10 Beartracker but decided there's no need since my 396T will do the same thing.

So... I'm thinking about antennas and I come across the AT002 wire suction cup mount antenna that came with the Beartracker. I have no idea what band it's good at but I'm guessing it might not be too bad at 49MHz. I don't want to mount up my scanner antenna so it's this or my long GRE ducky (or a stubby).

Anyone know anything about this antenna? This sort of application is a toss up. You want to know only when the extender is close but they're also low power so you don't want to dumb down your reception too much.


Not open for further replies.