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Uniden BCD396T Pinellas County , FL

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Nov 7, 2005
Safeety Harbor, FL
Pinellas County Florida has a Motorola Type II SmartZone system. I have not had any luck programming the BCD396T to receive this system and would appreciate assistance.

I have programmed the scanner as follows: System Type: Motorola 800 MhHz Type 2 Standard; ID: Search; P25 Threshold: Auto; Control Channel Only; Ignore Status Bit and Modulation; Auto. I have programmed the control channels: 857.2375 858.2375 859.2375 860.2375 860.7125 866.1625 866.300. I have also input the TGID Names and ID #’s.

I have also loaded all of the individual frequencies in another data base except did not check Control Channel Only. I have also input the TGID Names and ID #’s.

Has anyone had any luck programming a BCD396T for a Motorola Type II SmartZone particularly in Pinellas County Florida.?

I will appreciate your comments and suggestions.
Not open for further replies.