Uniden BCD396XT FreeScan APCO P25 Help

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Jun 10, 2014
Please Help! I am new to the scanner world. I have purchased a Uniden
BCD396XT from Amazon two weeks ago, and I am still learning how to use it.
I live in the Rankin County Mississippi Area, and I am trying to program
the MSWIN APCO P25 system into my scanner. I'm tring to listen to the
Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol, Mississippi Wildlife and fisheries, and
Mississippi Department of Transportation, or (MDOT). When I use FreeScan
and a Premium Membership to Radio Reference to program that system into my scanner,
FreeScan says there is one error. It will program the channels, and it says
it's receiving, but no audio comes out. The error says that I need to fill
out the APCO P25 band plan page. I went to the MSWIN page and there were
hundereds of frequencies. Please Help Me! My Scanner has the most up to
date Firmware also. I already have two Motorola Type II Smartnet systems in
my scanner, and they work awesome. I just need help, if you could please
fill out the MSWIN APCO P25 band plan page or anything else to help me,
help will greatly apprieciated.
Thanks, Blake Tucker
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