Uniden BCD536HP in Michigan

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Aug 23, 2010
Grand Rapids, Michihan
Hey friends,

Okay, I have put together a "Favorites" list, and ingested the list from Sentenel Software into my BCD536HP scanner.

I am picking up all P25 IDs in West Michigan, with the exception of Kalamazoo, Van Buren, and District 5 MSP.

It's odd, because when I monitor the scanner on "Full Database", I am able to hear those IDs just fine, but in my "Favorites", I can't pick them up.

I have loaded in all of the MPSCS tower frequencies in the West Michigan, Kalamazoo areas.
I deleted all of the tower freqs from the east side of the state, upper-lower Michigan and, of course, the U-P.

Why am I not picking up Kalamazoo/Van Buren/District 5 MSP when listening to my "Favorites"?
Which southern Michigan MPSCS towers do Kalamazoo/Van Buren/District 5 MSP use?
Should I just ingest ALL of the MPSCS tower freqs available from the database into my Favorites, even though the majority of them won't be used because I'm based in Grand Rapids?

Help would be greatly appreciated.
Not open for further replies.