Uniden HomePatrol "hpe" FIle Sharing Thread

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Jan 21, 2002
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With the new Uniden HomePatrol HP-1 firmware update released yesterday alongside of the new and improved Sentinel companion software comes the ability to import/export HomePatrol Favorites Lists in "hpe" format.
To export one of your Favorites Lists from within Sentinel select "File" then
"export to hpe format".
To Import someone elses hpe file from Sentinel select "File" then
"Import Uniden hpe format".
This thread is for the sharing of Uniden hpe files only.
Any off topic posts will be deleted.
When you share an hpe file please give us some idea of what is included within the file itself.
Here are a few hpe files from my HomePatrol for the Central NC Area (and beyond) to getthe thread started:

  • All Town of Cary= Like it says pretty much all talkgroups on the Cary (Wake County) 800Mhz Motorola System.
  • KRDU Airport= VHF/UHF Air Frequencies for KRDU Airport (Raleigh/Durham International).
  • NCSHP Analog = NCSHP analog VIPER Talkgroups
  • Raleigh PD Dispatch= the 6 Raleigh PD Dispatch Talkgroups on VIPER.
  • VMN Zone= The VIPER Medical Network Talkgroups set up in zones just like they would be in an actual VMN Moto XTS5K Subscriber Radio.
I have zipped up the hpe files and attached them to this post.
Please feel free to share some of your hpe files!
Thanks and Happy Monitoring!
Marshall KE4ZNR


  • All Town Cary TGs.zip
    1.9 KB · Views: 16
  • KRDU Airport.zip
    1.5 KB · Views: 13
  • NCSHP Analog.zip
    8.4 KB · Views: 22
  • Raleigh PD Dispatch.zip
    988 bytes · Views: 20
  • VMN Wake Zoned.zip
    4.1 KB · Views: 10
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