Uniden SC230 Big Time Help Needed

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Aug 15, 2007
Monterey, Tennessee 38574-7355
I am trying to program my faithful SC230 for an upcoming cruise, uploading ship frequencies, marine frequencies, GMRS/FRS, and CB.

Things have gone well until today when something went South, and I thought (stupidly) that the scanner was messed up.

Bctool+, Free Scan, and Uniden's SC230-UASD are unable to connect to the scanner.

In device manager it sees the prolific USB to Serial Port on whatever USB connector I move it to.

I did a reset to the scanner (hold+2+9), and now it says nothing to scan.

When I go to the menu I am able to listen to NOAA weather.

I have saved systems for the cruise and am able to bring them into the above programs:

bctool+ comes back with “could not communicate with scanner, response received -1”

free scan says “critical error, invalid response or insufficient resources, aborting channel programming”

UASD sees the correct port, but can't communicate.

Any ideas on what I can try next?

Can I download something from Uniden to put my SC230 back to square 1?

I really don't want to pack my HP-1 (E), as I wanted to use the Close Call feature.

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