Unidentified 154.2500 - Greene/Christian Co area


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Dec 28, 2003
A few brief "talk-around" type transmissions... kinda casual talk. Also heard sirens in the background at one point so I'm assuming it's either fire or law enforcement.

Traffic is in DMR. TG 1, CC 1,TS 2, UIDs 5609 & 5601.

It's in the db in multiple places under Greene Co-Logan Rogersville Fire, Christian Co-Billings Fire & Highlandville Fire.. all of which show the FCC license as analog voice from what I've been able to decipher.

The actual license for the frequency shows DMR and is registered to Christian County Emergency Services. I also noticed a lot of missing frequencies in the license that are not in the db. WRBX582 - here's the current license.

Anyone in the area have any insight as to what this frequency is used for? My guess is one of the law enforcement agencies use it as a tac channel since all the Christian Co Fire Departments still use analog.