Unidentified ORION Talkgroups

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Feb 24, 2001
Hi all. I recently got interested in finding new talkgroups so I created my own program to decode P25. My main focus is ORION because that's the main one where I live. My program is a little more focused then with what you see out there. Because I have complete control over what I do with the data, I set up a database to log things. Let me explain.

My original plans were to log all channel grants (every time someone keyed up). I'm looking at what I have and I have 6077 entries for less then a day. I'm starting to think I want to limit what I track so now I'm monitoring talkgroups that interest me and setting the rest to not be logged. By default, if I don't have a talkgroup in the system for what is being keyed up, I log the channel grants. I'm hoping this will help pin-point new talkgroups and because I have access to what times they were keyed up at, I can tell you radio ID's and timestamps. I can also tell you if it is encrypted, flagged as an emergency channel grant, and what priority is given to the channel grant (lowest, default, highest, etc...).

I'm setting up my system so that I can track anything I want. Example, I want to know what radio ID 1234 is doing. I put the radio in the database if it isn't there already and flag it to be monitored. Now I monitor every-time the radio comes online, every-time it switches channels, every time it keys up, and every time it turns off the radio. (I don't see anything else I would need) This will hopefully become a powerful system in helping us ID things (and some day help us ID NWIN when it comes to Omaha and I can say the system works perfectly).

So far I have found the talkgroups 406 and 2580 to be un-identified in the short time I was monitoring today (I left my program running for 3 hours). Neither of them are encrypted and the traffic on them are below. If any of you either already have information or have time to track it reply with what you hear.

TG: 406
12/23/2011 16:20:30, TalkGroup: 406, Radio: 657
12/23/2011 16:20:59, TalkGroup: 406, Radio: 657
12/23/2011 16:21:07, TalkGroup: 406, Radio: 3106
12/23/2011 16:21:10, TalkGroup: 406, Radio: 657
12/23/2011 16:21:16, TalkGroup: 406, Radio: 3106

TG: 2580
12/23/2011 14:22:49, TalkGroup: 2580, Radio: 26862

Let me know what you guys think of this new program (or the idea behind it).
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