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Jul 19, 2012
The Rechargeable scanner is a 600 dpi, portable, built in Li-ion battery document scanner ,this compact document scanner has some impressive specs and surface.

Weight only 140g totally, rechargebalescnaner measures 10.2-by-1.1-by-0.9 inches when packed for traveling. To use the rechargeable scanner, you simply press the button on the top front of the scanner and slide your hand on the paper.

This handheld scanner operates on built in Li-ion battery. It could works above 1,000 scanning times after full charged.You do not need waiting long time for charging,it takes only 3 hour to full charge.Compared to the AA/AAA alkaline batteries scanners,this rechargeable scanner save you much!

When you connect the rechargeable scanner to your computer, a drive icon mounts on your desktop.the drive will be installed by computer automaticlly.
Scanning options include black and white, 8-bit grayscale, and 24-bit color scans saved as JPEG .
The rechargeablescanner takes only 2 seconds finishing A4 size paper.Scanning: width:8.27 inch,length: 50 inch(Max)
This rechargeable scanner using the default quality settings resulted in poor quality OCR documents. Cranking up the resolution from 300 to 600 dpi and changing from black and white to 8-bit grayscale helped immensely.
Bundled free software with OCR function.Convert images into editable texts easily and quickly,support over 40 languages.
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