UniTrunker; roll back from v.2.1 to v.

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Oct 24, 2008
I didn't read the instruction "Move (not copy) the Configure.xml file to a safe place. Saving this file will allow you to roll back to using version 1 should you run into problems," so you know this didn't turn out well for me.

Liked that v.2 is able to decode P25 p1 digital without using a program such as DSD+, and wanted to try the other improvements.

But my experience was that signal health was nowhere near what I was used to, despite using the same RTL-SDR and antenna and making program adjustments, and had some other issues, so I wanted to roll back.

Fortunately, I had v.1 on an old Dell desktop running XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 with Service Pack 3, 32-bit. I went to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Unitrunker, and uploaded "Configure XML Document 4 kB," "Colorwords XML Document 1 kB" and "Unitrunker.xml 172" [172 being the highest number] to a USB thumb drive.

After deleting as many Unitrunker folders and files as I could, using Windows Uninstall, CCleaner and AVS4You Registry Cleaner, and restarting my laptop running W10 Home, Build 18363 64-bit, I downloaded v.! from the Internet and inserted the thumb drive. At the prompt, "Preparing UniTrunker First Time Install," I checked "Upgrade -- find existing configuration data," browsed for the folder containing Configure.xml that I created on the thumb drive and clicked okay. No matter what I tried, I got the message "One of more files could not be copied. Check directory selection and file permissions."

Eventually, I chose new install, and then renamed the newly created configure.xml file, and added the configure.xml file from the thumb drive. Did not restore my settings.

Any suggestions?
Not open for further replies.